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Here at NBS our goal is to help provide an Australia-wide weight loss resources site that is designed to be a one-stop shop for weight loss needs. We cover every part of the journey including information on dieting and nutrition to helping you find your closest medical professionals. For most,  losing weight can be hard and each person can take a different route in order to arrive at the final destination, some can easily burn enough fat through pure dieting, some take alternative hypnotherapy paths and for some weight loss can be very difficult and look to bariatric surgery for the answer. Whatever route you take it is always a hard experience that slowly over time, builds yourself up stronger mentally and physically. NBS is here to help you with any information you need along the way and have even have patient liasons on the phone to answer any questions you may have.

Even though it might take several tries before we succeed at reaching our weight loss goals, we CAN reshape our bodies, lose weight and start life fresh again with a whole “new” body.

Through improved nutrition, positive mental health practices and regular exercise, many of us CAN often turn our lives around even after living with Obesity. After getting fitter and healthier, and losing weight, we may FEEL a lot better or have more ENERGY, even sleep better because we can breath more freely when we’re less heavy.  However, sometimes our efforts are simply NOT enough to get us the body shape we really want. Sometimes we may also be left with sagging, empty folds of skin that were over-stretched when we were heavier.

Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery) and Skin Tightening after Weight Loss

For many of us who have lived with obesity or weight related problems, surgery may be the best solution when all other avenues for weight loss have failed to get us healthier.

Bariatric Surgery can sometimes be an optimal therapy choice to fight obesity, and help you get the body you want or have long been missing.

But weight loss doesn’t happen through surgery alone. For a whole new body, you may need a relatively ‘whole new’ lifestyle of changes in relation to what you eat and how you move (exercise).

If you’re considering weight loss surgery or skin tightening after reaching a stable weight, you’ll also want to adopt a whole NEW lifestyle. A lifestyle, for example, that involves healthier eating plans and regular exercise, and helps you to maintain your desired physique results.

What is Bariatric Surgery and is it a good solution for you for Weight Loss?

Bariatric Surgery is an umbrella term encompassing many different types of weight loss surgery for obese patients, known as “bariatric patients.”  Bariatric surgery may refer to a variety of gastric surgeries including the following procedures: Intragastric Balloon, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery, Adjustable Gastric Band surgery and the widely known Lap Band Surgery procedure to help treat obesity and lead to weight loss. With Bariatric surgery, health risks can often be decreased or averted; and chronic diseases can often be far better managed. To put it simply, when it comes to population obesity and individual health factors and disease risks:  Bariatric surgery saves lives.  

Whether or not it’s a good option for you will depend on many factors, so the first step is to do your homework. The second step for getting a new body is to visit a Bariatric Surgery Specialist and Nutritionist to investigate whether you’re a good surgery candidate for Gastric surgery and/or post-weight loss body contouring Plastic Surgery.

Bariatric surgery can also get you a ‘new body’ by helping to re-contour or shape your body, and reduce excess body fat and redundant skin left behind after weight loss.

At New Body Specialists, we are an online Specialist Directory and resource portal that can help you to assess the different Weight Loss Options and Bariatric Surgery procedures which might be best positioned to assist you with your weight-loss and other health related needs to overcome obesity and live more healthily.

We have produced this directory to provide a one-stop place for people who want to lose weight – especially individuals with a lot of weight to lose.  The site provides information on bariatric procedures and post-weight loss body contouring surgery in a safe, caring, professional and accredited environment.

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to a better body – a new body – and want to know what Specialists you might choose, contact us today.

Just send an Enquiry form, and then take a look at the other resources on our Directory Pages and Procedure Pages, so that we can have an informative discussion about what Specialists might be best positioned – geographically or otherwise – to help you reach your new body contouring, BMI and body size goals.

We look forward to helping you on your weight loss or bariatric surgery and post-op body shaping journey.

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Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery

Complementary Body Contouring Surgeries for Redundant Skin Fold Reduction After Weight Loss

Weight loss is many people’s dream, and when it becomes reality, it can leave you feeling healthier and energised.  But it can also leave you looking less firm and fit than you imagined. That’s often due to WHAT weight loss does in relation to the appearance of your skin, or more particularly, to your excess or ‘redundant’ skin.

Why does skin sag after weight loss?

When you lose weight quickly, your skin might start to sag. That’s because, quite often, your skin won’t bounce back (skin often lacks resiliency and lacks capacity to shrink after your body fat becomes reduced, meaning you will be left with more skin than your body needs to cover and protect its internal structures).

This can leave you with embarrassing folds of loose skin or bulges consisting of stubborn fat that you simply cannot shift through all your efforts.

While you might feel incredible for reaching your weight loss goal, many formerly obese patients find it quite disheartening to see their body STILL not looking its best even though they’ve lost a lot of weight.

“It feels half done,” say most patients who have had Bariatric Procedures or lost a lot of weight with or without the assistance of gastric surgery.

As is often quoted by Specialist Plastic Surgeons who work with formerly obese patients to reduce redundant skin and remove body bulges through body contouring:

Weight loss, via bariatric surgery with lifestyle changes or lifestyle changes alone, often leaves you healthier.  But it’s the body contouring or body lift surgery AFTER your weigh loss, that tends to leave you happier.

New Body Specialists directories for weight loss and body contouring Specialist Surgeons offers a range of information on surgeries that will compliment your amazing weight loss accomplishments.

These might include an Upper Arm Reduction (Brachioplasty), Body Lifts, Tummy Tucks, Lower Body Lifts, Thigh Reduction/Thigh Lift Surgery, Male Breast Reduction, Female Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Belt Lipectomy and Liposuction.

We can suggest which expert Specialist Plastic Surgeons can discuss with you the best or most suited procedure approaches to help give YOU the body you have always wanted after you reach a stable weight.

Weight loss is a journey, and we can help.

Get YOUR body feeling and looking its best by accessing some of Australia’s most caring, helpful and skilled Specialists and Surgeons for treating obesity and excess weight gain.

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