Top Anti-aging Plastic Surgery Procedures

Anti-aging Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic Surgeons perform Surgeries to help restore and rejuvenate the face, neck, skin and body.  They can also remove skin cancers and perform scar revisions, breast reconstruction, breast lift surgery and body contouring procedures such as Arm Lifts, Thigh Reductions, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck surgery and Belt Lipectomy surgery.

If you would like to look younger and more energetic there are plenty of Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery options that can help.

These may  target the wrinkles of the face and eye area, but they can also target different parts of the body to help you look more toned and trim.

facelift surgery or injections

Take a look at some of the most popular and effective anti-aging Plastic Surgery options available today.

  • The traditional facelift will help reduce wrinkling and sagging in the middle area of the face.
  • The brow lift will address the furrows of the forehead area.
  • There is also the lower facelift to consider, which is specifically performed to reduce the appearance or prominence of jowls.
  • The eyes are a major factor when it comes to looking younger.  Melbourne eyelid surgery  can be performed to reduce the sagging of the upper eyelid and also to reduce puffiness or bagginess beneath the eyes.
  • Injectable treatments can also be a great option BEFORE or AFTER plastic cosmetic surgery as combined effects of dermal volumisers and surgically tightened skin – along with laser skin resurfacing for a smoother, even look – can drastically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, cheek volume atrophy and sun spots.
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facelift for men

There are great rejuvenation Cosmetic Plastic Surgery options that can help shed years from your facial appearance as well as your body contours.

We mentioned that the body can also be enhanced or rejuvenated through plastic cosmetic surgery. One of the key ways is through Liposuction along with body lift or body contouring procedures.

There are many different ways and types, but Tumescent Liposuction is currently a preferred Gold Standard level option to reshape the body and remove stubborn pockets of body fat that has accumulated in certain areas.

Liposuction as a Body Contouring Option (Plastic Surgeon)

One of the best options for trimming and slimming different parts of the body is liposuction.

Tumescent Liposuction and other forms of suction-assisted fat removal help to remove problem pockets of fat from your body.  Liposuction can be performed virtually anywhere there is excess fat, although it might not be the best option for some areas of the body and sometimes surgical excision – or typically both surgery and liposuction – gets a patient the best overall reshaping results.


If, after massive weight loss or gastric surgery, you need toning and tightening around the upper arms, chest area, buttocks, abdomen, thighs – and even parts of the neck and face – liposuction could be one option that would be a great help.



Sagging Breasts (Ptotic Breasts) relating to Ageing, Post-Pregnancy or Significant Weight Loss

All female breasts (and some male breasts) droop and sag over time.  This sagging is known as Ptosis and drooping breasts are known medically as “ptotic breasts” (pronounced Toe-seas or Tote-ic – the “p” is silent).

Breast Lift Surgery:  Mastopexy (With or Without Augmentation using Implants)

To remedy sagging breast tissues and help restore a more PERT appearance to the bust line, there is Breast Lift surgery.

In some cases, this can be combined with breast augmentation surgery to help make the breasts perkier and increase their size and shapeliness.

breast augmentation surgery


There are more surgical and non-surgical options to consider for effective anti-ageing.

If you would like to learn more about these different treatments to revitalise your looks after massive weight loss or simply the effects of gravity, sun damage and ageing, send an enquiry form today. We’ll forward general information on some of the best practice  anti-ageing surgeries for rejuvenating your appearance.