Four Body Contouring Options for Shifting Body Fat

Four Body Contouring Options for Shifting Body Fat – EnCurve, Liposuction, Surgery and Cosmetic Injections to reduce a double chin.

Fat Reduction and Body Contouring Liposuction surgery melbourne

Congratulations, you’ve lost a lot of weight through dietary changes and new fitness routines – including regular exercise and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Now you may want to learn about the FOUR best body contouring options for shifting body fat in pesky areas of the body that seem to show more lumps, bumps, fat stores or sagging skin then other areas of the body.  That’s right – in particular, we’re talking about uneven fat distribution that seems to accumulate on the abdomen or belly area, thighs, hips/flanks, back area and upper arms.

Some people may also find themselves wanting to remedy the appearance of a ‘double chin’ or sagging jawline area, which often relates to having submental fat in the under chin or upper neck area.

Where facelift surgery or neck lift surgery may the best options for some individuals, fortunately there’s a also a new NON-SURGICAL chin fat treatment available in Melbourne for resolution of a double-chin.  The double-chin reduction solution is called Kybella injections in the USA and is now available in Melbourne (it goes by a different brand name in Australia – just ask an Injecting Physician for details).

Top FOUR Fat Shifting and Body Contouring Procedures from Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Physicians (Cosmetic Injectors using Kybella for Double Chins)

There are many ways to reshape the body after weight loss.  Sometimes, depending on the skin laxity (resiliency of the skin or degree of redundant skin after massive weight changes), surgery will be the best solution. This is sometimes the case for excess skin or sagging skin combined with uneven abdominal fat, bra-strap area back fat, thighs or upper arms.  However, if redundant skin is NOT an issue, then a non-surgical solution or a less invasive solution, such as EnCurve RF or Liposuction, may be the better option as these require less incisions and minimal, if any, scarring. EnCurve RF treatments, for example, are no-skin contact treatments that reduce fat cells through a special heat-based process without compromising the skin.

Another alternative so long as the skin is resilient OR the reduction of fat using liposuction doesn’t result in saggy-looking skin folds, may also be a good alternative for selected patients who have lost excess body weight.

Options for post-Bariatric Surgery Body Contouring or Body Contouring After Weight Loss

The top four currently popular options to reduce fat on the body in specific areas include the following procedures.  None of these procedures are designed to replace exercise or good nutrition; and they work best if you have already reached a stable weight that you know you can readily maintain.  However, sometimes exercise and diet alone won’t get your body into the physique or smoother looking contours you really want after all the hard work of losing kilograms.  That may be because of heredity, post-pregnancy abdominal damage (torn rectus abdominus muscles or abdominal hernias that haven’t been properly diagnosed) or simply that the skin was overstretched during periods of having a higher weight or BMI.

If you have done ALL you can and you’re still not happy with your physique or contours, then you might consider one of these four options.

Snapshot of FOUR methods of Fat Reduction and Body Contouring or Body Reshaping After Weight Loss or Bariatric Surgery – What may be best for one individual may not be best for another individual.

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Results do vary from patient to patient, just as weight loss, diet, exercise and bariatric surgery results vary from person to person.

Pre-treatment assessment is a critical part of knowing what results an individual patient may attain through each procedure.

1. EnCurve RF – non-surgical treatments

Non-surgical alternative to liposuction for selected patients that helps with shifting body fat. Works slowly over time and multiple treatments required. Good for body sculpting of specific areas and a comfortable, no downtime procedure.

Encurve Non-surgical alternative to liposuction

2. Liposuction Surgery (Tumescent Lipo)

A surgery that involves suction assisted fat cell reduction of certain parts of the body. Liposuction is also used for Fat Grafting (Autologous Fat Transfer) to the face and breasts.

Shifting Body Fat Through Tumescent Liposuction Surgery

3. Shifting Body Fat- Kybella Injections for Reduction of Double-Chin Fat (Submental Fat under the Chin or Jawline or Upper Neck area).

Injections to reduce submental fat in the neckline, jawline or chin area, to treat the appearance of a double chin. Non-surgical method of a neck lift (an alternative) but may suit select patients only.


Read more on the newly available Double Chin Reduction Injections (known as Kybella injections or the “non-surgical neck lift” in the USA) at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing.

4. Shifting Body Fat – Body Contouring Surgery

Skin reduction and excess fat reduction for formerly obese patients who have saggy skin or excess body fat.  Includes various body contouring procedures such as  (Brachioplasty or upper arm reduction), abdominoplasty or thigh reduction surgery or breast reduction surgery.
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