Dr Craig Rubinstein Breast Reduction Case Study

Nour Alraawan, 22, has revealed why she got a breast reduction so young. Picture: Instagram/@nouralraawan

‘I was 22 years old when I reduced my I-cup boobs, I’ve never been happier!’

Original Article (Breast Reduction Case Study): Claudia Poposki www.news.com.au

A young woman has revealed why she desperately wanted a breast reduction since she was just 16 years old.

Nour Alraawan, from Melbourne, underwent a breast reduction in February after years of feeling uncomfortable in her own skin.

Before her surgery, her breasts fluctuated between a size G, H and I.

She now sits comfortably at a size D.

“I had no confidence and low self-esteem,” Nour told news.com.au.

“I couldn’t find any clothes to wear and it was hard to find any tops that looked good on my body. I had so many insecurities and would always wear bigger tops and trackies.

“I even went out in them.”

She said she had issues with her back and did everything she could to improve it, including appointments with chiropractors, physiotherapists and masseuses.

breast reduction Dr Craig Rubinstein 1
She said she always wore baggy clothes before her surgery. Picture: Instagram/@nouralraawan

She said she always wore baggy clothes before her surgery. Picture: Instagram/@nouralraawan

But, nothing worked.

At 16, she knew she wanted to have an operation to make her chest smaller.

“Mum would always say when I get married and have children, they’d go down, so what’s the point in the surgery,” she said.

“So, that put me off for a long time.”

Nour, now 22, became depressed and anxious about her body and found herself in situations that involved socialising.

She said that because of her large Middle Eastern family and community she was often at weddings and felt miserable about what she wore and how she looked.

But, one day, she woke up and knew it was time.

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Nour suffered from back problems and self-esteem issues before her surgery. She said she wanted a breast reduction since she was 16.  Picture: TikTok/@nouralraawan

She wanted to embrace her youth.

Nour began to do her research and spoke with other women who had undergone a breast reduction.

She settled on a surgeon – Dr Craig Rubinstein – and immediately started counting down the days to her reduction.

“I didn’t have a party of anything – I just wanted to get rid of them,” she said.

The surgery, where she also had liposuction around the sides of her breasts, went off without a hitch.

“I went into the surgery filled with positivity, and I felt like that impacted by the healing process because it was so easy,” she said.

Nour, who works in aged care, was back at work within a month.

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Once deciding on the reduction at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, Nour started doing research. She said she is so happy following her surgery. Picture: TikTok/@nouralraawan

“I think I had pain for two weeks because he did do liposuction on the sides of my breasts,” she said.

“So that pain lasted up to two weeks. But then after that, it was incredible.”

Nour now feels full of confidence.

The people in her life have noticed too.

“Mum said I seem so much happier now and not depressed like I was,” she said.

“They’re also stunned at my appearance as they only ever saw me in larger clothes, and so they say I look thinner.

“They never believed me when I said I was!”

Nour said she thinks more people are opting to have breast reductions because while once upon a time larger breasts were the trend, people are realising it’s too difficult and not worth living with.


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