Do You Feel Judged When Exercising?

Getting over being judged when exercising – How to FEEL better when you exercise  

Many overweight and obese people fear being judged when exercising or being active. That that fear can be enough to stop you exercising in public. People are concerned about being judged for not seeming to look feminine or masculine enough, being too sweaty, looking like a tomato or changing clothes in front of others.

Not being fit enough and not being “good” enough are other factors holding men and women back from a healthier lifestyle.

Diet is another issue that is a part of being healthy. Diet and exercise go hand in hand and don’t need to be ‘hardcore’ to make a difference.  Making small changes to your diet makes a huge difference on its own.  Things like cutting out processed foods, making things from scratch and following recipes, are a good place to start.  Using a food service to get you noticing what’s in foods before you take over yourself, such as WW, Jenny Craig, YouFoodz etc is another option.


Own your body

Everybody needs to understand that their body belongs to them alone and that they need to own it.  Moving your body can be fun and empowering.  You don’t need to look or act a certain way to exercise.

Being physically active improves your physical and mental health, giving you more energy and those feel-good endorphins.

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Find something you like doing

Not everyone starts out at the gym when they begin exercising, the gym isn’t for everyone.  There are numerous things you can do at home to start with if this seems more comfortable initially.  You can do laps of your backyard and walk up and down the stairs if you have them.  You can use home gym equipment such as a treadmill or elliptical.  There are infinite free YouTube videos and paid online exercise programs that you can join with a support group and diet tips.

If you want to exercise outside the house you can join a gym, go dancing, get a personal trainer to start the process or join a league like netball or football.

Remember to start slowly and increase your intensity or weight, days of training etc as you get stronger.  The biggest mistake people make is “I’m going to get fit” and they go too hard too fast.  This is the best way to set yourself up to fail which in turn can cause injury, pain, frustration and depression.

Focus on how you feel first and not how you look

Once you start exercising you can feel body fatigue, this is because you’re using muscles and parts of the body that have been “unused” for a period of time.  As mentioned earlier, starting slowly is the best precaution for this.  Once exercising becomes a regular part of your life it’s not a chore.  It becomes just something you do as part of your day like cleaning your teeth and getting dressed – it’s just something you do.  When you exercise you will feel energised and refreshed and this will automatically will help with better food choices as the brain is thinking healthy and positive.  This helps to build confidence in yourself and a “want can I do better attitude” as you see the improvements within yourself.

Judged When Exercising

What next?

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