Best Fat Cell Reduction Treatments – Drink More Water

Water & Fat Cell Reduction Treatments: How to Maximise Your Body Contouring Results.

Water is the #1 Thing to Make Your Fat Cell Reduction Results Optimal.

There are some popular surgical and non-surgical fat reduction treatments to reduce body fat in particular areas of the body. Typically, fat reduction through non-surgical means uses technology that destroys fat cells for elimination from the body. The aim is to get a more contoured or firmer-looking, smoother body contour and reduce bulges.  There are many options used today to improve the appearance of the waist, hips, thighs and upper arms; areas that are prone to carrying excess fat.  Some are surgical and others are non-surgical. But of all the things you can do to reduce fat, your eating, drinking and exercise habits come first.  The NUMBER ONE thing to do is to drink enough water.

remove fat with radiofrequency, drink water after Encurve Treatment

The other options for body contouring are plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedures, such as Tummy Tuck surgery or Liposuction procedures. However, body contouring surgery procedures, including Liposuction, are serious endeavours. All plastic surgery involves risk, even when the procedures are deemed to be relatively safe for suitable patients.

This means that Tummy Tuck surgery and other body contouring procedures are best suited for individuals who have already done ALL they can to improve their physiques through more traditional means – including regular exercise, eating healthily and not over eating.

Even the non-surgical methods for fat reduction work best when performed on patients who have already gotten their bodies to an optimal state of fitness.

Coolsculpting vs Encurve RF Fat cell removal

How To Evaluate the new Non-Surgical Fat Reduction or Body Contouring Treatments

  • Every new cosmetic procedure has a learning curve for the consumer.
  • You can decrease the time spent in the learning curve by knowing what to ask ahead of time.

Here are some important frequently asked questions.

best type of gastric surgery

  • We offer non-surgical fat reduction technologies such as under-chin injections.
  • OR if you have a lot of excess skin folds, you’ll want to visit with a fully-qualified FRACS Plastic Surgeon.
  • Or if you have good skin but a bit of extra fat in certain areas, perhaps an Aesthetic Physician who performs Liposuction can assist.

Q: What’s the most important thing to do after fat reduction treatments such as Liposuction?

A: The most important thing YOU can do to assist fat cell elimination and healing after body contouring procedures is to INCREASE your body’s ability to “detoxify” itself.

The best way to help your body eliminate waste is to drink enough water, usually a lot more than you typically do.

Water will help flush out these shriveled fat cells AND has an extra bonus – it helps your body to remain hydrated, especially in summer. Additionally, drinking enough H2O means you’ll be burning extra calories.

Why does drinking water help you lose weight, reduce fat and heal from Surgery?

  • Because your body heats up incoming fluids to eliminate them from the body.
  • You can add lemon or lime slices, but PLEASE, avoid bubbles at any cost.
  • Remember that other types of fluids, including bubbly water, do NOT count as part of your daily water intake.  Neither does Coca Cola, Gatorade or other soft drinks.

Encurve vs Coolsclupting: drink water after treatments for best results

How much water should you drink on a daily basis?

A: Eight glasses is usually NOT enough, and 10 to 12 might suit most individuals, but that’s pure water and tall glasses. The usual amount of water recommended to drink daily for optimal hydration is typically best determined by your body weight.

But first you’ll have to make a calculation. Here’s an easy way to do that:

Weight in kilograms divided by 0.024 = how many milliliters of water your body requires each day

Example:  Your weight is 65 kg. 65 kg/0.024 = 2708 milliliters daily. This is 2.7 Liters daily.

Let’s take another example. Your weight is 85 kg. 85 kg/0.024 = 3541 milliliters. This is 3.5 Liters daily.

Now this will be your normal recommended daily intake of water, without using any fat-busting techniques using cryolipolysis like Coolscupting or Cooltech or RF fat melting heating devices like EnCurve.

This normal amount of water totaled for the day should NOT include fluids such as herb teas, fruit juices or other caffeinated or non-caffeinated fluids; simply water.

Should I count the water content of other foods when counting water I drink?

There is some debate here. Some say Yes, absolutely, as the water content of fruits and vegetables can easily contribute to your water intake for the day.

Some fruits and vegetables are very high in water (greater than or equal to 90%):

  • watermelon
  • cantelope
  • cucumber
  • carrots
  • grapefruit
  • lemon
  • lime
  • papaya
  • bell peppers
  • strawberries
  • tomatoes
  • honeydew melon

However, it’s hard to know an exact amount of water in any of these foods, so we prefer you count ONLY pure water and not water that comes from foods, even from fruits with high water content.

Most tables on nutritional content of foods state water content in terms of percentage, but not milliliters of water.

For the actual amount of water, you would have to juice them.


  • One pound of carrots will typically give you about one cup (about 236 ml) of carrot juice.
  • One grapefruit will also typically provide you with approximately one cup of grapefruit juice.
  • One bell pepper yields at least ½ cup of juice. And 2 cups watermelon juiced gives you at least 1 cup juice.

Fat Reduction after Liposuction – Getting the Best Result

Q: How much more water do you need to drink after Liposuction?

A:  Drinking at least 1 extra liter of water each day can typically help you get better results from both surgical and non-surgical fat reduction treatments.

Q: Can I include sugary drinks in my water content for the day, such as energy drinks?

A:  Your water intake should NOT include energy drinks or other drinks that contain more than 5 grams added sugar. The reason for this is because sugar draws water out of the body. It creates an osmotic drain, depleting the body of water.  Another way of thinking about it is that carbohydrates pull water molecules to themselves. This is why you gain weight after eating high amounts of them; yet going on a low carbohydrate diet will help you lose a few pounds in a day.

Encurve vs Coolsculpting and drinking water to get a good result (H2O)

Also, studies show that people who drink DIET DRINKS or DIET SOFT DRINKS end up gaining weight each year rather than losing it. The reasons aren’t fully clear and may relate to the fact that some drink diet drinks as they are already on a weight gaining eating trend, but there may be other reasons and it’s best to avoid all soft drinks altogether.

Q: Why do you need the extra water after having surgical or non-surgical fat removal treatments?

A:  Water helps your kidneys remove waste products. The waste products created from the destruction of the fat cells can’t stay in your body. They must be moved out. Your kidneys want to remove waste products but if you don’t drink enough water, you are ‘handcuffing’ them from working. On the other hand, if you give your body plenty of water, it can do its job at a high level of efficiency.

  • Another function of water in the body is to transport chemical messages and even hormones to the areas of your body that need them.
  • Additionally, many nutrients are transported in the body by water.
  • You’ve probably heard of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins before, including that the B vitamins (vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B12, folic acid, biotin, choline and inositol) dissolve in water.

Think of water as replenishment for your body.

Every one of your cells loves water just as much as you love taking a refreshing shower every morning.

By adding to your daily water intake, you’re allowing the cells to cleanse themselves of any waste products that build up from normal metabolism.  You’ll also be avoiding the common symptoms of dehydration.

Q: Would it be helpful to drink an extra liter of water daily before Liposuction or other non-surgical fat cell removal procedures?

A:  It’s best to stay hydrated at all times; and most of us run around on being perpetually dehydrated. Yes, it’s good to be fully hydrated BEFORE the fat cell removal procedures including Liposuction fat reduction or ‘fat melting’ or ‘fat cooling’ treatments.

This gives your body the best chance at removing the highest amount of fat cells and of healing best. Ask us about our Rapid Recovery packs and how you can enhance your healing capacity through good nutrition, supplements and adequate rest.

Q: Should I make any other diet changes when I get fat cell reduction procedures?

A:  You will always need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sustain a healthy eating regime to take full advantage of the body contouring options that are available to you in Melbourne.  There may not be additional changes that need to be made if you’re already on a good eating plan; but if you’re diet is ‘simply crap,’ then  you’ll really want to tighten it up and start eating healthy foods and smaller proportions.

healthy lifestyle encurve vs coolsculpting

But there’s an added benefit to using these techniques (just as there is with a Tummy Tuck or Breast Reduction or Breast Lift procedure).  When you see a reduction in the amount of fat on your belly, upper arms or thighs, you will often begin to feel good about your body again; and junk food may become less appealing.

If you’ve been giving some consideration to the new technologies for fat cell removal, or other body reshaping questions such as a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction, answered by giving us a call at our Clinic during normal hours (03 8849 1444).

We’ll help you understand what these treatments can and cannot do, and invite you in for a no-obligation consultation to see if our body shaping options are right for you (not all treatments work for all body fat conditions, but if you have a bit of excess fat in certain places, we may have a solution for you to help you look amazing in your summer clothing or lingerie), such as a Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift or Breast Reduction or Liposuction!

Maybe this time next year, you’ll love your body and your new fitness and eating plans!

It’s about time – and technology has provided the answer for fat removal, so ask us about Liposuction.

Call or Contact us for more information about fat cell reduction techniques, liposuction or other plastic surgery.

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