How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy – Four Easy Tips

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  • We all recognise that for over 95% of us, having children will have changed our body shapes – and our body fat distribution – in a number of ways.
  • We may end up with excess fat either in our abdomen and hip and buttocks area, on our breasts, or all over our bodies.
  • There’s also the overly-stretched out, sagging skin, the weakened abdominal muscles torn during pregnancy, and the heavy or deflated-looking breasts after breast feeding took its toll.
  • So everyone asks, how can I lose weight after pregnancy AND while raising children?

There are numerous ways to go about losing weight after having children. Not every method will work for every Mum. But here are a few helpful, scientifically based weight loss tips to help you along, and we strongly suggest getting a weight-loss buddy (perhaps your partner) or a weight loss support professional to help you along – especially if you’re currently borderline obese or morbidly obese.

When it comes to weight gain during OR after pregnancy, here are several suggestions for losing weight after having children.

How Do I Lose Weight After Having Children?

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How DOES a Mum lose post-pregnancy weight – or new-Mum weight gain AFTER pregnancy – in part from too little sleep, no time to exercise and too many child-rearing demands?

You may think it’s impossible to lose weight after having children, but it’s not. It’s often a matter of developing the right mindset and daily habits.

You can start off with small steps that make a big difference in your weight, over time – or adopt a major lifestyle change, if you have enough support.

Meanwhile, here are our HELPFUL tips for new Mums – of any age – to lose that post-pregnancy weight or baby-brain weight gain.

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TIP#1 Mindset for losing Weight


Get into the right mindset BEFORE you endeavour to lose weight.

  • Life is busy for Mums.
  • The first rule of losing weight after pregnancy is to get your head into the game of losing weight.
  • If you’re only HALF committed to losing weight, you’ll often fail to lose weight – and could develop a dangerous, defeatist outlook.
  • So get your HEAD in the game – use a vision board, put up your favourite old pair of jeans or a swimsuit in a visible place in your bedroom, and write down 30 positive outcomes that will happen after you lose weight.
  • Post this list with several photos in a place you’ll actually LOOK at it every morning, and every night before sleep (not where it blends into the wall and you’ll ignore it).
  • And allow yourself adequate TIME – don’t set unrealistic expectations.

TIP#2: Develop a Nutritional Routine

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Develop a Nutritional Routine – Don’t WING it. And don’t skip meals or wait to eat until the kids go to bed.

  1. Make regular meals – every 4 to 5 hours – and good nutrition – mandatory for 5 of 7 days a week. NO exceptions.
  2. Give yourself about 1.5 days of a eating leeway. We don’t mean “going for it – eating anything in any quantity” – but allowing yourself some treats on the weekends. BUT limit this to a specific time frame, e.g. from 9 am Saturday until 6 pm on Sunday.
  3. Don’t snack after the kids go to bed – make sure you take TIME to have your meals – consciously enjoying them – even if it’s a quick 20 minutes.
  4. Don’t skip breakfast and DON’T eat the children’s left overs.  If you’re tempted, cover their leftovers in a food source you hate – or throw it onto the dog’s plate BEFORE you get tempted to have a bite.
  5. DO plan a basic set of healthy meals that you can rely on in a pinch.  Make sure you have all the ingredients and don’t be afraid to stick to the same foods for a few days each week – if they’re healthy, that matters more than diversity.

TIP#3: Eat Mindfully and Consciously


Stay consciously aware of WHAT you’re eating – and WHY.

  • Many people eat out of stress, frustration, anxiety, boredom or loneliness.
  • It’s easy to get mindless and to eat without thinking, especially when you’re a very busy Mum.
  • Stay present to your emotions – even journal them – if you feel on the verge of eating for any reasons OTHER than (a) you’re actually physically hungry, and (b) it’s part of your healthy nutrition routine.

If motherhood feels overwhelming, get counselling support, talk to a best friend, or call LIFELINE if you feel you COULD be suffering from overwhelm or post-partum depression.

TIP#4: Develop Healthy Habits


Habits matter – start with a few, then build up. But find your OWN routine that works for you – as there’s no ONE SIZE FITS ALL when it comes to losing weight after pregnancy.

  • Consult a physio or qualified exercise instructor AND get clearance from your GP to exercise after having a baby (or babies).
  • Once cleared to exercise, make sure you do 30 minutes of exercise every day.  Walking, swimming, and stretching are usually safe after pregnancy (but check with your GP); weight bearing exercises are also a good idea when done using the right form or under the supervision of a qualified exercise instructor or post-pregnancy physiotherapist.
  • Target exercises that build muscle strength as these increase your metabolism and can help you lose weight.
  • Get assessed for Diastasis Recti FIRST just to be sure you’re not worsening your tummy bulge (if you have torn abs, typically abdominal surgery or a Tummy Tuck is your best option).
  • Don’t be tempted to go for a FAD diet or extreme eating plans – you’ll only gain the weight back, and then some.
  • Make good choices, even if they’re not perfect:  If you’re eating fast foods, choose low fat items. Broiled chicken breast with a salad, low-cal veggie burger, chicken wrap with tomato and lettuce (no mayonnaise). Avoid chips or fries and fried foods, or breaded chicken patties.
  • Go for colour in your foods – lots of leafy greens, colourful fruit and berries, and yummy foods you can eat raw or cooked – like broccoli and spinach leaves.
  • Try skim milk and fat-free dairy but watch out for extra sugars.
  • Do NOT drink soft drinks – avoid these like the plague.
  • Stay well hydrated – water is your friend when it comes to losing weight after having babies.
  • Limit salt – adding salt to your foods can make you retain water.
  • Find healthy snacks – if you’re not allergic to nuts, raw nuts make excellent snack foods as they often have good nutritional value.
  • Eat healthy fats – avoid the cooking oils that are no longer recommended and even banned in certain countries.
  • Don’t fry foods – instead, grill, broil, or bake.

Are you borderline obese? You may want to explore your weight loss surgery options if your health is in danger from obesity related disease.

Having a healthy BMI is crucial to your health – and to being a parent who’s going to outlive their children.

If you have a BMI over 29, you may want to explore your Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery options.

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