How to remove excess loose skin after weight loss surgery or diet

Solutions for Excess Skin after Weight Loss – Need a body lift for loose skin after weight loss?

Massive weight loss patients endure a long, arduous journey from obesity back to a normal weight. The quest requires both mental and physical discipline, but even after complete success, loose skin remains. Stretched by the former weight, at a certain point the skin cannot shrink back. With nothing to fill it out, the loose skin hangs causing problems of its own.

The only way to correct loose skin is by removing it surgically. There are numerous lifts out there – the facelift, neck lift, eyebrow lift, as well as the lower body lift. The secret to a successful massive weight loss rests with plastic surgery and in this case, a lower body lift is the secret to removing that extra loose skin.

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So, you’ve made it to your goal weight.

Congratulations! You’ve lost the weight, either through will power and diet or through bariatric surgery. The weight is gone, your life has turned around for the better, but… all that extra loose skin won’t budge no matter how many crunches or hours on the treadmill you do.

The last step for many massive weight loss patients is surgical removal of the skin. The more overweight a patient was, the more ‘extra skin’ will need to be removed.

A lower body lift is a plastic surgery procedure that works somewhat similar to a tummy tuck: skin is removed in a belt pattern right around the lower trunk, then sutured together to recreate natural body contours.

Patients can expect a very dramatic change with a lower body lift.  This procedure includes an outer thigh and buttock lift combined with a tummy shaping. This combination works well to shape the lower body in one go. Of course, the recovery is longer, because of the surgery involved which can mean more associated risks.


lower body lift after surgery

Why doesn’t skin disappear as weight does?

Many people are surprised to find out that their skin doesn’t reduce or shrink after weight loss.  Especially after constant gym visits and exercise, no matter what they do, they still can’t budge that loose skin. Unfortunately, this happens and is where body contouring surgery comes in.


Where loose skin tends to occur.

Surgeons generally know which areas will be the most problematic with loose skin and a personal consultation is the best way to find out what will be best for you. Plastic Surgeon Mr Richard Maxwell performs lower body lifts and also specialises in: Arm Reductions, Thigh Reductions and Tummy Tucks.


tummy tuck


Actual Before & After Photos of Mr Maxwell’s previous patients.


The biggest benefit

The weight is gone, the skin is tight and contoured, and the mind and body are happy and healthy. When these things come together, the ultimate boost is to your mental health. The strength required to get to this point should not be taken lightly, as our thinking capacity has a big impact on how we experience the world. The mental and emotional benefits of a body lift procedure after massive weight loss can be just as real and beneficial as the physical benefits.


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