Lose your Winter Weight: Fitness Tips

Post-Winter Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss after winter is a common goal, especially now that  Summer is so close at hand.  

You may even be eyeing your SUMMER wardrobe, wondering how your seasonal clothes seemed to shrink?
Or perhaps you’re considering a major wardrobe overhaul for summer and want to get your excess weight off before you go shopping?

So how do you know if it’s time to try to lose the excess winter weight?

  • Do you no longer fit into clothing that you used to look great and healthy in?
  • Do you have a less-than-ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) after hiding behind your winter clothing throughout a Melbourne winter?
  • Do you curl up on the sofa when it’s cold and ‘forget’ to exercise?
  • Is food your greatest source of comfort when the weather keeps you from going outdoors and being active?
  • Are you mostly wearing tracksuit pants, leggings or other stretchy clothing?
  • Does your tummy pouch out over your jeans?
  • Do you think you look pregnant from the front or side view – when you’re not?
  • Do you have ‘man boobs’ or ‘side boobs’?

Perhaps you really piled the kilos onto your body frame this winter, and now you’re keen to take it off.

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If you want to lose your winter weight gain, you’re definitely not alone.

Most people gain a few kilos every year, typically over winter and during the holiday festive periods. It takes dedication and effort to get your weight back down.

Fortunately, the months before the holidays are the BEST time to get yourself started. So if you’re wanting to look your best – and to get your body healthier before summer is truly here, get started today.

We suggest getting professional nutrition and exercise advice whenever possible, however, and if you have led a sedentary lifestyle – be sure to get your GP’s clearance first.

And why not opt for finally scheduling that overdue physical exam and BMI reading – so you know where you actually stand?

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Listed below are our team’s selection of the BEST BLOGS on weight loss tips by Plastic Surgeons and Weight Loss Advisors who help people lose Winter  Weight or prepare for Tummy Tuck surgery, Liposuction or Body Contouring after Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Achieving Your Goal Weight and Getting Fitter:

Best articles to read to help you lose your winter weight.

Are you interested in losing weight or reducing redundant skin after having lost a LOT of weight such as through gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery?  Visit the weight loss and bariatric procedure website blogs at:  New Body site.


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Our Team’s Top 5 Tips for weight loss include:

  • HYDRATION:  Drink Water to stay hydrated
  • VISUAL MOTIVATIONS:  Get out a photograph of yourself when you were at your ideal weight and paste it everywhere you can (on your phone, on your fridge, and on your mirror) along with an inspirational quote about being consistent and determined
  • EXERCISE:  Join the gym or start a fitness class or boot camp (ask your GP or Physiotherapist for clearance first if you have any health issues, injuries or just haven’t had a check up in awhile).

lose weight - gym classes for when you want to lose weight

  • TREAT YOURSELF BUT IN A LIMITED WAY:  Have one day a week where you can eat what you crave but follow a good eating plan for at least 5 or 6 of the 7 days in a week
  • GET A WEIGHT LOSS BUDDY:  If you and a friend both want to lose weight and can inspire each other (rather than get each other off track), this can be of great help to you as you lose those extra 5, 10 or 15 kilos.

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Having someone coaching you to lose weight – and having a good friend aiming for the same type of weight loss and eating changes – can go a LONG way to helping you reach your weight loss goals by summer.

Just stay motivated and know that slower weight loss is often more sustainable than sudden rapid weight loss achieved by extreme dieting.

Bariatric Surgery for Obesity

What to read if you want to get ready for Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Band Bariatric Surgery (or post-massive weight loss Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery to reduce redundant skin)

how to ose weight before surgery

And if you’re wondering about the latest nutritional information about Gut Health and how it impacts your body’s ability to process foods, try GUT HEALTH: Why Probiotics are Vital for Gut Health?

Are you considering Liposuction?

Do you need Body Contouring Surgery to remove “bat wing arms” or excess tummy skin after massive weight loss?

best diet to lose 10 kilos


Contact us for the top Plastic Surgeons in Australia if you want help getting your body reshaped using body contouring methods including liposuction, breast lifts or tummy tuck surgery.

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Please note that body contouring surgery including liposuction procedures are NOT replacements for weight loss and regular exercise habits.  Patient results also vary from person to person, and you will need to maintain a stable ideal weight for best long-term outcomes from any body shaping and liposuction surgery.  Ask a Patient Care Advisor for details.