6 Best Blogs To Help Your Self Esteem Sky Rocket

Get more out of life by following these Best Blogs to help you Lose Weight Get Fit and Sky Rocket your Self Esteem – Recommended by New Body Specialists

Inspiration and self-esteem comes in many forms! As anyone who has ever watched shows like “The Biggest Loser” knows, seeing someone’s journey from drab to fab can give us the motivation we need to become the best versions of ourselves. Why? It can help us in more ways than we ever imagined.

Feeling Inspired from weight loss can present you with new opportunities, improve your self-esteem and help you become the best version of yourself.

Therefore, we have scoured the web, far and wide to bring you the best, inspirational and motivating weight loss and fitness blogs from July 2017 to help you start your journey.

Whether you are new to the fitness and weight loss game, looking for a healthier self-esteem or simply a new lease on life, then read on!

health and fitness Self Esteem new body specialists

1. Fit Bottomed Girls

If you are new to fitness and a little apprehensive, then this is for you. It was created by real women, for real women. Chock full of to-the-point tips, articles, nutrition guides and workout plans, they even include music playlists to help you stay focused, in the zone, all while having fun!

2. Nerd Fitness

A blog that helps inspire people who don’t necessarily fit the stereotypical fitness buff demographic. It shows you everything you need to know about diet, health, nutrition and fitness so that you can enjoy working out while getting the results you need, all in the correct way. Follow the fitness program, read free articles and check out the site’s health journeys where participants share their success stories. Motivation with a capital M!

body rock tv new body specialists fitness

3. Body Rock TV

For the intermediate fitness and weight loss aficionados out there, BodyRockTV is your resource for strength based boot camp workouts from home. Free daily workouts, including yoga, are available to challenge you, heighten your self-esteem and keep you motivated!

mind body green new body specialists self esteem

4. Mind Body Green

We love this blog because it gives you a very rounded view on health, fitness and wellbeing from a more mindful perspective. Perfect for yogis, holistic health enthusiasts and whole food lovers or anyone wishing to simply incorporate a more conscious approach to mind and body health. There is even parenting advice, meditation and stress-reduction techniques!

carrots and cake eating healthy

5. Carrots ’N’ Cake

This blog has such a positive vibe, and focuses on balance rather than depriving yourself of food. Their view on healthy eating is worth a follow and has articles and recipes for you to integrate into your daily eating plan. No chores or punishment here, have your cake and eat it too!

remodel fitness empowerment new body specialists

6. Remodel Fitness

If empowerment and self-esteem are your buzzwords, then this is the blog for you! Jessie Kneeland is inspired to help women who struggle with body image issues and to embrace who they are. This blog shows that health is more than calorie-burning, counting and size shrinking. Be kind to yourself, treat fitness to show your body you love and honour it, and the happiness and confidence will follow!



What Next?

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