Detailed Guide to Gastric Sleeve Surgery Procedure, Results, and Diet Featured Image- Guide to Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A Detailed Guide to Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Procedure, Results, and Diet

Gastric sleeve surgery has become the “gold standard” procedure in weight loss. In fact, one study in the journal, Surgery for Obesity and Related Disease found that those who underwent the operation, and the gastric sleeve diet, lost 57.4% of excessive body mass index (BMI) in five years. It has become more popular than gastric
Prepare for Gastric SUrgery

How to prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Nine Tips

9 Tips for Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery  Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy) involves reducing the size of your stomach to a short tube shape. It works by making you feel full sooner so that you eat less. It’s a less invasive procedure compared to Gastric Bypass Surgery because it doesn’t involve intestinal tract reconstruction. Are you Deciding whether

Brooke’s Story – Gastric Sleeve Surgery & Recovery Experience

Follow a Patient Journey through a Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Recovery Are you considering weight loss surgery after trying everything else, but never getting lasting results? Are you wanting to know more about one of the modern bariatric weight loss surgery methods, the gastric sleeve procedure and recovery? Read this insightful blog of a patient’s journey