Cocktail Calories: How not to blow your diet

Cocktail Calories: How NOT to blow your diet these holidays when choosing alcohol drinks! As the holiday season passes and summer approaches, it’s easy to forget about your diet. Everyone wants to enjoy their holiday season, but no one wants to wake up 5 kilos heavier.  So when the idea of holiday partying starts to take over,
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Top 10 Weight Loss Blog Posts

Weight Loss Blogs

Top 10 Best Weight Loss Blog Posts Here are our Top 10 Weight loss Blog posts. For a little bit of inspiration, which we all find ourselves needing from time to time, we’ve searched the web and found 10 of the best weight loss blog posts from across the globe. From answers to a few
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6 Best Blogs To Help Your Self Esteem Sky Rocket


Get more out of life by following these Best Blogs to help you Lose Weight Get Fit and Sky Rocket your Self Esteem – Recommended by New Body Specialists Inspiration and self-esteem comes in many forms! As anyone who has ever watched shows like “The Biggest Loser” knows, seeing someone’s journey from drab to fab
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