Top 10 Weight Loss Blog Posts

Top 10 Best Weight Loss Blog Posts

Here are our Top 10 Weight loss Blog posts.

For a little bit of inspiration, which we all find ourselves needing from time to time, we’ve searched the web and found 10 of the best weight loss blog posts from across the globe. From answers to a few controversial fitness myths, to fun, everyday exercises and quick, healthy meals, these blogs will help to get you up and about during these frosty winter months.

#1 Healthy Gut: Dr Arun Dhir’s unique Weight Loss Blog


Dr Arun Dhir is a bariatric surgeon and weight loss guru we love his healthy gut weight loss program, Winning the Weight Loss Game. The eating for a “healthy gut” plan is based on the role that your gut bacteria (known as microbiome) has on your overall wellness, happiness and body size.

Dr Arun Dhir from Melbourne is available to see patients who want to lose weight as a fitness effort or before their cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures.

Read more about Dr Arun’s ‘Healthy Gut’ Weight Loss Program here.

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#2 Weight Loss to increase your chances of falling pregnant


For those who may be struggling to conceive and are worried that their current weight may be a contributing factor, this blog explores the reasons why weight may be affecting your chances of conceiving, and the impact that obesity can have on your hormones. Learn how weight loss can help when trying to conceive.

Read more in this Weight Loss Blog  here.

#3 Great Weightloss Patient Success – How Jennifer lost 163 pounds


Carrying those extra kilos and looking for some inspiration to kick start your weight loss journey? Yahoo Beauty does a weekly weight loss story for those who have overcome a variety of obstacles to reach their goal body weight and lead a healthier, happier life.

Be inspired by Jennifer’s story, having reached over 300 pounds before realising she needed to make some big changes in her life. Jennifer is now fit, healthy and training for her first half marathon.

Read Jennifer’s story here.

#4 The Best Time of Day to Work Out Revealed


Ever wondered when exactly is the best time to work out? Morning or night? Before or after eating? There can be a lot of conflicting advice out there, although the team at Rodale Wellness have the answer from well respected physician, Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, also known as Maimonides.

Find out the best time to break a sweat in his Weight Loss Blog

#5 Ten Healthy Breakfast Smoothies for Successful Weight loss


Breakfast is commonly referred to as the most important meal of the day, and if you ask a dietician or personal trainer they will likely tell you the same. Despite this fact, breakfast can often be the hardest meal to coordinate during your working week when you lead a busy lifestyle.

A recent study by Kraft Foods Australia found that despite 42% of Australians acknowledging that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, 56% are missing out on their morning meal at least once a week, and almost a third are skipping breakfast as many as three times a week.

The 10 delicious smoothie ideas are fast and easy to make even during the usual morning rush, providing the nutrients you need to kick start your day and keep you satisfied until lunch time.

Uncover these tasty breakfast smoothie options here.

#6 Fiona Falkiner’s Weight Loss Secrets


Former Australia’s Biggest Loser contestant and presenter, Fiona Falkiner shares her weight loss tips and gets candid about the struggles with her weight over the years.

We love this blog as Fiona shows us a refreshing and honest insight to her weight loss journey, with tips for a healthy lifestyle that isn’t impossible to maintain.

Read more about Fiona’s weight loss tips and tricks here.

#7 Create your own mini at-home gym with these 9 essentials


Keen to work out but lacking time and don’t want to commit to a gym membership? This blog may be well worth a read. Living in a small apartment or have minimal free space in your house? No problem, these items work in small spaces and are easily stored.

Find out the 9 essential items you’ll need for a mini at-home gym here.

#8 Why do we regain weight so easily?


Ever wondered why it sometimes seem like you take one step forward, yet two steps back on your weight loss journey? Losing weight can often be a difficult, slow process, yet gaining that weight back seems all too easy.

This blog discusses the reasons why gaining back the weight you lost can often happen easily and the changes to your weight loss approach that will help to combat this.

Read more here.

#9  Nutritionists share the one tip they give clients who want to lose weight

This article from Women’s Health Magazine Australia shares tips from a number of Dieticians on the top tip they provide to their clients looking to lose those excess 5-10 kilos.

For proven weight loss advice from a number of professionals, click here.

#10 Four weight loss excuses you need to stop making

And finally, number 10 on our Top 10 list of best weight loss blogs for June 2017.

Already conjuring up some excuses for avoiding losing those extra few pounds this winter? Stop right there and read this blog on the four common weight loss excuses you need to stop making.

Say goodbye to your excuses and learn how to combat them for good here.

That brings us to the end of our list for Top 10 Weight Loss Blogs for June 2017.

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