Which Vegan Foods Can Help You Lose Weight?

12 Vegan foods & Vegetables that help you lose weight

People switch to a vegan diet in order to take care of their health, or other personal reasons such as animal ethics or religion. However, some of them choose to become vegan for weight-loss reasons. Many vegans often find themselves filling the meatless void with a variety of green leafy vegetables and fruits in order to achieve their weight loss goals.


If you are considering a vegan diet, check out the following delicious fruit and veg that you should incorporate into your meals:


According to experts, this flowery vegetable contains a plant compound known as sulforaphane that helps reduce body fat. In addition, broccoli are also loaded with vitamin C which helps boost the immune system.



Pickles deliver a punch of probiotics, which are also known as “good bacteria”. Studies show that probiotics in pickles help in weight loss by promoting healthy digestion.



Aside from being used as a garnish or main ingredient in many international cuisines, onions are loaded with fat-burning compounds. Onions are rich in quercetin, a plant compound that helps regulate blood sugar levels and keeps new fat cells from forming.



Spinach is overflowing with thylakoid, a plant compound known to help reduce hunger and increase satiety. This effect can help you reduce your overall food intake.


Not only do nuts taste so good, they also contain healthy monounsaturated fats and protein, which helps regulate the body’s energy expenditure. This boosts the body’s fat-burning ability.



Nori, a sea vegetable that commonly wraps sushi, is jam-packed with protein and fibre and has very low fat and caloric content. Studies show that nori can help in weight loss by reducing cholesterol levels in the body.



This healthy stalk packs a powerful nutritional punch. Due to its fantastic fibre and probiotic content, it promotes satiety and reduces your food intake.



Sweet, juicy and delicious, blueberries can help you shed a lot of pounds by increasing the production of the hormones adiponectin (which enhances fat breakdown) and leptin (which suppresses appetite).



This cruciferous vegetable is jam-packed with fibre and other essential vitamins and minerals that help boost your overall health. Studies show that fibre from this vegetable increases satiety and reduces your food intake.



Aside from fibre and healthful mono-unsaturated fats, avocado is an excellent source of  glutathione, a potent antioxidant. Not only do antioxidants help neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals on the body, but they also have a positive effect on fat cells.



Oats contain a decent amount of soluble fibre, which works to lower blood cholesterol and complex carbohydrates.  They also prevent you from snacking on foods high in calories by suppressing your appetite.




Apples are one of the best, well-known superfoods in the world. In fact, one study found that apple pectin can help improve the process of fat breakdown. With this effect, the fat-digesting enzyme known as pancreatic lipase can easily reduce build-up of fat inside the body.

It is not only a vegan diet that will benefit from these foods, corporate them into any diet, and the effects will only be advantageous.

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