GP CPD Courses – General Practitioners & Practice Managers

GP CPD Courses – Self-Reporting Training & Workshops for GPs and Nurses

The 2017 to 2019 triennium for General Practitioner CPD reporting requirements are now in place which requiring a 130 point system that must be attained during the specified three year period. This 130 point system is designed to involve reflective learning practices and requires you to complete a Planning learning and need (PLAN) activity, CPR competence course, 1x Category 1 Activity and other activities to complete tally the point system (See Figure. 1). This is done by attending various training courses provided by various Clinics and Training groups around Melbourne, these courses have/should be accredited by the RACGP QI&CPD Program.

Cosmetic Surgery For Women (CSFW) are one of these practices offering a FREE quarterly training workshop for all General Practitioners. Depending on availability on such events Practice Managers and Nurses may also be able to be registered. Each event runs for approximately 90 minutes and qualifies for 3 CPD points. *NOTE: It is important to note that all Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and points need to be self-reported*

For more details on such events CLICK HERE to continue to the CSFW event details.

Figure. 1