Obesity Effects

The Effects of Obesity

Obesity is a chronic condition with rates increasingly growing during this day and age, quickly becoming one of the largest growing health epidemics around the world. Obesity is a widespread condition that knows no bounds to regions or demographics, with obesity rates in Australia now placing as the second-fastest growing in the world. Effects of obesity include:

weight loss specialist effects of obesity

There’s no denying that obesity and the effects of obesity is on the rise in Australia.

That’s about SIX out of every TEN adults – or 11.2 million adults.  Obesity is also increasing amongst younger individuals and it’s reached the point of being a national health crisis in Australia.

Obesity is defined as an excessive or abnormal accumulation of body fat, which is caused by various factors in the body such as excess carb intake, leptin resistance or mitochondrial dysfunction. The BMI is used to measure and classify if a person is suffering from obesity, with patients with a BMI over 30 being classified as obese. Obesity can have a wide range of damaging effects on both your physical and mental health.


For many of us who have lived with obesity or weight related problems, surgery may be the best solution when all other avenues for weight loss have failed to get us healthier. Bariatric Surgery can sometimes be an optimal therapy choice to fight obesity, and help you get the body you want or have long been missing.

But weight loss doesn’t happen through surgery alone. For a whole new body, you may need a relatively ‘whole new’ lifestyle of changes in relation to what you eat and how you move (exercise).

At New Body Specialists, we are an online Specialist Directory and resource portal that can help you to assess the different Weight Loss Options and Bariatric Surgery procedures which might be best positioned to assist you with your weight-loss and other health related needs to overcome obesity and live more healthily.

We have produced this directory to provide a one-stop place for people who want to lose weight – especially individuals with a lot of weight to lose.  The site provides information on bariatric procedures and post-weight loss body contouring surgery in a safe, caring, professional and accredited environment.

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to a better body – a new body – and want to know what Specialists you might choose, contact us today.