Sexuality and Libido

What is Sexuality?

Sexuality is a term used to describe a person’s sexual nature, encompassing an individual’s sexual attitudes, behaviors, and practices. A person’s sexuality doesn’t come as a standard “one size fits all” and is greatly diverse between person to person, each differing physically, psychologically or even culturally.

Libido is a term used to describe a person’s sexual desire or more commonly their ‘sex drive’. An individual’s libido can be affected by many factors including but not limited to physical issues such as erectile dysfunction or by psychological issues such as a lack of self-confidence.


Libido and Obesity

Obesity often leads to a wide range of health problems with one’s body, and your sexuality is not an area immune to these effects. Sexuality and libido are commonly impacted by these factors, whether it’s physical, psychological or cultural

Both high cholesterol and insulin resistance have been proven to impact the sexual performance and desire, particularly in men. As these conditions both cause the tiny blood vessels in the penis to shut down due to fatty buildups and vessel clogging, leaving men often suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence. Women are not immune from these effects either, as they too suffer from the same blockages/thining of the blood vessels that lead to the clitoris. Both sexes who experience such effects tend to suffer a loss of libido and desire as a result.

People suffering from low body image confidence and poor self-esteem both contribute to the lack of psychological desire to part take in effecting overall sexuality.

How do you fix a loss of Libido?

In order to combat these effects of obesity, we must get a handle on weight gain and begin to reverse the scales. Weight loss will, in turn, result in an improvement of related health conditions such high cholesterol and high blood pressure, but also hopefully begin to make you feel happier and more comfortable in your own body. Weight loss can be achieved by transitioning to a more nutrient and vitamin sufficient diet while combined with a more physical and active lifestyle.