Arm Lift – Patient Video Diary Case Study

Patient Case Study – Arm Lift surgery.

This patient recently documented her arm lift surgery journey. You can watch her 3 part journey from pre-surgery thoughts, recovery and the 14-week mark post-op difference.

Preparing for an Arm Lift | Brachioplasty Surgery Journey Part 1

Arm Lift Recovery Diary | Brachioplasty Surgery Journey Part 2

Arm Lift 14 Weeks Post Op Faq’s | Brachioplasty Surgery Journey Part 3


Brachioplasty – An Arm Sagging Solution

An Arm Lift or Brachioplasty is a popular procedure designed for individuals who are looking for a solution to excess fat and sagging arm skins, commonly referred to as the “bingo arm”. The arm skin issue is mostly predominant at the bottom of the upper arm, that when moved creates a not so pleasing ‘flapping’ effect. This is a common result that is due to a number of factors including rapid weight loss, ageing or hormonal changes, which sadly cannot be corrected by any amount of diet or exercising.

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Arm Lift Guide

What to Expect from the Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

This arm reduction surgery produces long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results with a toned arm in proportion with the body. Depending of the patient and level of result, the Brachioplasty is commonly completed in conjunction with liposuction in order to achieve the most desirable result. The operation is usually completed under general anaesthesia with most surgeons using additional injectable numbing agents during the procedure in order to manage post-operative pain and discomfort. The operation takes an average of around 3 hours to contour both arms with patients able to return home later the same day. The scar produced usually runs from the armpit to the elbow which is designed not to be visible with the arm by the side and will slowly fade over the span of 12 months.

 Arm Lift and Reduction Surgery after weight loss Brachioplasty

The Arm Lift procedure can help regain your self-confidence allowing you to become more comfortable in your body, expanding your wardrobe options instead of turning down items due to the arms exposure.

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