Male Breast Reduction

Man Boob Surgery – A Treatment for Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia - Male Breast ReductionMale Breast Reduction or more commonly referred to as ‘Man Boob’ Surgery, is the procedure that helps to treat Gynaecomastia. This issue is troubling and demasculating for males causing embarrassment when topless or even if seen through shirts.

Gynaecomastia is a common disorder of the endocrine system that causes an abnormal enlargement of the male breast tissue. Adolescent and teenage males will often suffer from temporary Gynaecomastia due to hormonal changes caused from puberty, a large majority of these issues are resolved itself within two years. This operation is for those whose breast tissue has not resolved itself and aims to treat this by removing this enlarged tissue from behind the nipple.

Breast tissue growth mainly occurs during puberty or during the 6th to 9th decade of life but is also commonly seen in those with steroid use such as body builders, or in those who are overweight and obese. In the case of steroid use unfortunately ceasing to take the drugs does not cause a reversal of the enlarged breast tissue, patients will find that this procedure is necessary to achieve this. Occasionally gynaecomastia is caused by an underlying medical condition which can be identified by consulting your local GP. This should be done before being referred to a plastic surgeon for surgery.

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Male Breast Reduction Guide

What to expect from a Male Breast ReductionGynaecomastia - 'Man Boobs' diagram

There are several techniques of the Male Breast Reduction that can be used, the most appropriate will be decided by your surgeon who will take into account a range of variables such as the amount of tissue and type of tissue. Treatments include liposuction, surgical incision (with removing tissue) or most commonly both.

Liposuction is primarily used when the problem area mainly consists of fatty tissue. Liposuction is also dependant on a few factors such as age and skin elasticity in order to make sure it will achieve the best results. Surgical incisions are generally recommended when glandular tissue or excess skin will be present and needs to be surgically removed in order to correct the gynaecomastia. This option is necessary if the areola needs to be re-positioned or reduced.

Incisions are usually placed around the areola and underneath the breasty tissue depending on the patient and which technique is used. Regardless of the operation the surgeon will always try to position the scar where it is less visible and noticeable to others. Scars will dramatically fade over 1-2 years, this can be further improved by various scar revisional treatments such as the Fraxel or Healite II.

The procedure is completed in hospital under general anesthetic and usually takes around 2-3 hours to complete. Patients should expect to go home the same day but it is not uncommon to have an overnight hospital stay. Post surgical garments should be supplied by your surgeon in order to provide compression to the area which helps in increasing blood flow and to prevent the risk of blood clotting. You should expect to resume day to day activities around 2-3 days after the operations but patients should still avoid heavy lifting for another week or so in order to reduce the risk of the incision reopening.

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