Healthy Weight Range Calculator

Calculate Your Ideal Weight on this Healthy Weight Range Calculator

In order to begin your weight loss journey, it is important to first set goals and achievements for yourself. Doing this gives you a sense of achievement and progression as you work towards your weight loss goals. In order to set realistic goals and achievements, we must first find out what a healthy final weight range is for your body height. In order to do this, we have created a Healthy Weight Range Calculator that helps you find a rough estimate of that final goal. Using our tool it is easy then to set milestones and achievements at intervals between the start and final goal.

As the tool is based on the BMI formula (find your BMI here), it only provides a very rough estimate of your healthy weight range. As the BMI method does not take into account important factors such as gender, age, nationality or prior health conditions, it can not be taken as a precise and accurate value but rather a rough estimate. In the future, we plan to update this tool to add more formulas that gain a better estimate of this final value.