Before and After Photos Gallery

Post-Weightloss Surgery Before & After Photos Gallery

Here are some examples of Real Patient Before and After Photos from Plastic Surgery Patients after massive weight loss.
If you see results for weight loss before and after similar to your needs, please contact us and we can help you with a plan of action to get you to your goals. Disclaimer – These photographs represent typical results, but not everyone who undergoes plastic surgery will achieve the same.
Photos provided by Dr Geoffrey Barnett and Dr Richard Maxwell – Specialist Plastic Surgeons – OTHER PHOTO SUBMISSIONS WELCOME

Lower Body Lift Before and After Photos Gallery (Belt Lipectomy)

Our leading Melbourne Plastic Surgeons for Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Plastic Surgery are Specialists for Abdominoplasty surgeries for women and men. The procedures may sometimes be performed drain free, or with the drains removed the following day after surgery. For more information on what may best suit you please call one of our

Redundant Skin Reduction Plastic Surgery Weight Loss Before & After Surgery by Specialist Mr Richard Maxwell (Melbourne, Williamstown VIC)

Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos Gallery – Abdominoplasty after Weight Loss

Body Contouring & Abdominoplasty Specialist Surgeon Mr Richard Maxwell (Melbourne, Williamstown VIC)

Abdominoplasty surgery is designed to remove excess skin and fat from the upper and lower abdominal regions, as well as tightening your stomach muscles. The tummy tuck operation is one of the most common procedures performed by plastic/cosmetic surgeons around Australia.

Body Lift Before and After Photos Gallery – Significant Weight Loss Skin Reduction

Body contouring that reshapes your body leaves patients finally happy and confident with their bodies after excess weight loss Plastic Surgeons say.  If the desire of a slimmer more toned body that accentuates all your hard work is not enough incentive to finally take the plunge to reduce the skin folds that hold your body image back then maybe the discomfort and other downsides of the folds will.

Body Contouring Plastic Surgery & Skin Tightening Before & After Surgery

Thigh Lift Before & After Photos Gallery – (Thigh Reduction)

Plastic Surgery Skin Tightening by Specialist Plastic Surgeon Mr Richard Maxwell (Melbourne, Williamstown VIC)

Arm Lift Before and After Photos Gallery (Brachioplasty)

Plastic Surgery for Arm Reduction and Arm Skin Tightening by Specialist Plastic Surgeon Mr Richard Maxwell (Melbourne, Williamstown VIC)

Upper Arm Reduction Surgery (Brachioplasty) by Mr Geoff Barnett & Mr Richard Maxwell , Specialist Plastic Surgeon (Melbourne VIC)

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos Gallery – Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Weight Loss Before & After Images by Specialist Plastic Surgeon Mr Richard Maxwell (Melbourne, Williamstown VIC)

Male Breast Surgery (Gynecomastia or Man Boob ) Before & After Photos Gallery

Male Breast Reduction or ‘Man Boob’ Surgery as it is more commonly referred to, is the procedure that treats Gynaecomastia. It can be troubling and demasculating for males causing embarrassment when topless or even wearing a t-shirt.

Body Contouring and Male Breast Reduction by Mr Richard Maxwell, Specialist Plastic Surgeon (Melbourne, Williamstown VIC)

For more BEFORE and AFTER examples of patient results from Specialist Plastic Surgeons, visit Dr Barnett’s site for Upper Arm Reduction Photos or schedule a consult by phoning (03) 8849 1444 or sending an enquiry below.

Before & After Gallery – Liposuction

Liposuction is frequently used in conjunction with other body shaping procedures. Especially beneficial for patients with a lot of excess weight after bariatric surgery procedures like gastric bypass, gastric sleeves, gastric balloons or similar surgery).

Liposuction Body Contouring Surgery by Specialist Plastic Surgeon Mr Richard Maxwell (Melbourne, Williamstown VIC)

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